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Chateau Les Vignes in Provence

We have been visiting properties for the last 37 years and there is one destination that will always remain dear in our hearts; Provence, France! When much of France is still gray and rainy, a trip to Provence is sure to put a smile on your face. With picture perfect countrysides, blue skies, early blossoms and charming villages, you really can’t go wrong! One of our newest favorites is Chateau les Vignes near the town of Sorgues. ⁠If you are thinking about a family gathering or time with friends, Chateau Les Vignes is waiting for you with warm open arms and doors! Come with me to Provence and let me show you a very special place!

Not just a Villa: Also an experience

One of the advantages of staying in a lovely villa in Provence is that many of them are also working farms or vineyards. At Chateau Les Vignes, the specialty is wine and olive oil. While you enjoy the beautiful property, you can take advantage of tasting the bounty of the fertile grounds that produce some excellent wines. You can taste Chateauneuf du Pape, Cote de Rhone Village and Cote de Rhones that all come from the hectares that surround the property. In a world where so many are searching for an experience, I invite you to Chateau les Vignes for a true taste of Provence!

The diversity of Provence

When Emmanuel and I spoke briefly about our Newsletter for this week, we both got excited thinking about Provence. When I remember my personal times there, I feel a special nostalgia. Whether one prefers medieval villages with narrow cobblestone walks, vast plains of agricultural crops, hillsides of vineyards, fields of lavender and herbs, bands of sheep on green slopes, or the bustle of cities offering a peak at historical landmarks, museums and famous works of art, there really is something for everybody here. So it’s hard to know where to begin to describe this exquisite land.

Rich in History

As is common in Europe, Provence’s past is ancient and tumultuous. Those into its wealth of history will find it fascinating to go back and study the effect of various conquerors and rulers that have left behind landmarks and designs that still stand today. But the overall mood of the land seems to be less hurried, more relaxed and content than other ports of call. There is a rustic charm found nowhere else, and the people are proud, yet humble.

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